METROPOLIS DTS 6-Channel Surround
Music & Test Record 1st Edition

the philosophy behind this record label:
a musician and a designer of high end speakers joined up and found this record label. Trusting in the future of multi channel music-mixing they started their first project in 2000, a sampler of different styles of music. After 8 years of experience in listening with surround sound setups and after the development of the finest 5.1 speaker systems there was just this one exclusive solution for them:

DTS absolutely outperforms any competitor in multi channel music performance. Evidently DTS is the outstanding multi channel encoding system, fulfilling the audiophiles' demands with respect to clarity and smoothness in treble as well as high dynamics in bass and mid range. The 3-dimensional sound stage is the best you can achieve at present! Compared with any stereo setup you will experience the advantage of this multi channel technology.
Other 6-channel encoding systems sound worse in music and are best suited for Cinema noise, like explosions. For extreme dynamic and full bandwidth  Music, DTS works with a 66% lower compression rate and thus improves the results considerably.
and used with their permission

music and production details:
it took us 18 months to finish our first CD. We used various modern musical styles to demonstrate the potentials of DTS multi channel music. Further samplers will follow, in the future, we resolved to release additional records in a quarterly period.
To create balanced soundsetups we left the studio and placed the entire equipment in a variety of different speakers' and room acoustic environments. The final mix was done in 4 different rooms using 5 different speaker systems from low class standards to extreme high end 5.1 setups.
These are the Monitors we used in several rooms:
METROPOLIS REFERENCE system with four 15” subwoofers
- recommended retail price more than 100.000US$ / Euro
METROPOLIS Solution Stereo and 5.1 Version
- recommended retail price 25.000US$ / Euro (5.1 version)
METROPOLIS Imagination 5.1 system with 2x12” Sub-woofers - recommended retail price 10.000US$ / Euro
METROPOLIS Impression 5.1 system with 1x10” Subwoofer
-recommended retail price 5.000US$ / Euro
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5 identical speakers with ribbon mid/hi range transducers. These ribbons are phasecoherent line-sources and give the maximum impulse-response. The whole moving ribbon is extremly fast because it has the lowest possible weight and a maximum magnetpower of a ~12kg/25pounds magnet drives symmetrically this 200square cm acoustical active surface.
A similar conventional cone driver has 20 times more moving mass! From 50-180Hz we use dual KEVLAR 8” drive-units from FOCAL France, one of our exclusive suppliers. The speaker designer was 12 years the exclusive German Distributor of FOCAL. In large rooms we add four subwoofers with a 15" FOCAL KEVLAR-SANDWICH Driver in a very stiff and compact enclosure.