5.1 six-channel surround music & test record 1st Edition

this record was composed by PAT PANGEA und realized with a lot of friends and studio musicians. The idea to produce several styles of modern music to demonstrate the potential of DTS multichannel music was an idea of Hiram Holliday.

to listen to this DTS record you need:
1. an Amplifier or Receiver with DTS Decoder and a 5.1 speakersetup!
(Left-, Center-, Right-, Left_surround-, Right_surround Speaker plus Subwoofer for the .1 LFE channel)
2. a CD-Player or DVD-Player with a koaxial or optical digital output (for DTS Datastream) matching your Amplifiers/Receivers input facility. With a classical STEREO Amplifier/Receiver you can only hear an ugly noise which can damage your Tweeters, so be careful and turn your volume down before testing first time! Most DTS Decoder allow you to choose a 2 channel mixdown if you have only one pair of Stereo speakers. We do not recommend this, because you loose the 3 dimensional soundstage!

Dynamics and lowbass extension reaches levels you have never heard before!
Please be careful and turn your volume down! If your speakers are not of good quality they can be damaged with excessive power, read the speakers manuals before. We suggest the speakers rms powerhandling should be twice the maximum power output of the amplifier!


the titels

1. Night     4.36
2. Killer     2.11
3. Moon     1.46
4.  Barry Black     4.45
5.  Imagination     3.37
6.  WORM KLEZ „H"     2.54
7.  „Die Normative Kraft Des Faktischen"     3.02
8.  Space and Time     3.52
9.  oh girl     3.26
10.  Dancer     2.38
11. my feelings     4.47
12. CIH-Virus     2.16
13. desire     3.29
14. Alpha Centauri     3.27
15.  deep throat     2.39
16. Rashomon     2.02

the test tracks

Its was always very important to be aware of the speakers right polarity (the speakercable markings should correspond to the speaker and amplifiers terminals + and - , mostly marked red and black). In 5.1 carhifi setups you will soon hear how important these tests are. Lots of car-hifi setups are not accurate in phase and so your 3-dimensional soundstage is very bad.
track 16-20 TESTSIGNALS
- ATTENTION! Turn your amplifier volume down!

  • 17. channel identification (each channel and afterwards the same with a sinewave tone 1khz -10dB 5sec for leveladjustments)
  • 18. 5-Channels phase check with  pinknoise signal
    L<>R || L<>C || R<>C || R<>R_surr.|| R_surr.<>L_surr. || L<>L_surr.
    if you listen, the voice and pink noise "in phase" should be in the middle locatable between both speakers and at  "out of phase" they should not be locatable in the middle and with less bass.
  • 19. pinknoise 120sec. all 6 channels, subwoofer in phase (you should hear lots of bass)
    pinknoise 120sec. all 6 channels, subwoofer out of phase ( you should hear less bass)
    if you experience the opposite effect please change the subwoofers + and - cables polarity
    or with active woofer switch phase knob.
  • 20. sinewave sweep 5Hz - 125Hz subwoofer only (LFE channel) to check for unwanted resonances in room or drivers that are not well fixed with their srcews in to enclosure.

It is very important to use ALL speakers in phase and to adust the same loudness level at your preferred listening position!
To achieve a full 3-dimensional soundstage, we have used all 5 channels with a large bandwith (highpass-cut at 75Hz with 24db slope!)
This record is recommended for high quality speakersystems!
We do NOT recommend to use with weak speakers with small enclosures (less than 5liters) and woofer/midrange drivers less than 5-6 inch diameter! If You use small surround speakers turn volume down and be very carefully!