DTS History
(excerpt from www.DTSonline.com)


1990 · Entrepreneur / scientist Terry Beard founds DTS.


· DTS introduces DTS Digital Sound, which utilizes a proprietary time code on the

film print to synchronize playback from CD-ROMs encoded with 5.1-channel digital surround sound.

Soundtrack is played back through five full-range discrete speakers and a sub-woofer.

· Investors including Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg fund DTS. JurassicPark marks the debut

of DTS in motion picture theatres on 876 screens.

· Company releases its first product, the DTS-6 Digital Playback System for cinema.


· DTS opens its first European office in Belgium.


· DTS receives an Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences Scientific and Engineering

Award for the Design and Development of DTS Digital Sound System for Motion Picture Exhibition.

· Company introduces the DTS-5SV Special Venue unit, becoming the only digital sound format

enabling digital surround presentations for large screen and motion-based ride films.


· DTS opens satellite office in Tokyo, Japan.

· DTS introduces DTS Coherent Acoustics, a proprietary and scalable digital audio

architecture applicable to a broad spectrum of consumer digital devices and

multimedia formats. Company begins incorporating its technology in consumer and professional audio products.

· Company offers content owners the DTS Encoding Service.

· DTS launches DTS Entertainment, a label dedicated to producing high-quality multi-channel music.

· First CDs and laser discs incorporating DTS technology available.

· Unit sales of consumer electronics products with DTS technology reaches 3,000.


· DTS relocates its European office to Twyford, England.

· DTS establishes licensing agreements with most major consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide.

· DTS Cinema Division releases the DTS-6AD Cinema Processor and the DTS-ES Extended Surround Decoder.


· DTS Consumer / Pro Audio Division releases the CAE-4 Mastering Encoder and

begins selling DTS hardware and software encoders directly to content providers.

· DTS introduces DTS-ES, the only digital audio format capable of delivering 6.1

channels of discrete audio in the consumer electronics market.

· DTS Digital Sound featured on 100 percent of films released by all major Hollywood studios.

· Unit sales of consumer electronics products with DTS technology surpasses ten million.


· Company introduces DTS 96/24, offering an unprecedented level of audio quality

for multi-channel sound on DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.

· First PC software containing DTS decoders becom e available.

· DTS Consumer / Pro Audio Division launches the Software Development Kit (SDK) for video game developers.

· First video games and game console containing DTS technology released, offering the true discrete multi-channel experience.

· More than 20,000 motion picture screens worldwide utilize DTS digital sound playback systems.

· 70mm screening of Buena Vista’s Pearl Harbor at baseball stadium in Japan features DTS 8-track sound.

· DTS Cinema Division introduces the DTS-CSS Cinema Subtitling System.

· DTS Entertainment releases its first DVD-Audio titles.

· Unit sales of consumer electronics products with DTS technology surpasses sixteen million.


· 60 sound cameras worldwide incorporate DTS timecode generator hardware.

· More than 70 million home, auto and portable entertainment products incorporate DTS trademarks or technology.