About DTS
(excerpt from www.DTSonline.com)

A worldwide brand name that is synonymous with high quality digital sound, DTS (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) develops markets and licenses proprietary digital audio technology and content for the theatrical and consumer markets.

Founded in 1990 by entrepreneur/scientist Terry Beard and funded by Universal Studios and other investors in 1993, DTS introduced its master-quality sound with the release of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jurassic Park . Working with Universal and just five employees, DTS successfully shipped and installed 876 DTS playback systems in theaters in six months. Motion picture sound was changed forever. Its innovative digital process quickly established DTS as a leading provider of premium quality, discrete multi-channel audio for cinema. Today, every major film studio in the United States uses DTS multi-channel digital sound, and all U.S. feature films are released with soundtracks in the DTS format.

In 1996, the company entered the consumer products market with a scalable digital audio architecture suitable to a broad spectrum of consumer and pro audio products and multimedia formats. Called DTS Coherent Acoustics, this technology is now widely used in home theater and car audio products, video games, DVD-Video, 5.1 Music discs and DVDAudio and PC, and is also applicable to portable devices, Internet streaming, satellite broadcast, digital cable and digital radio. Supported by every major consumer electronics manufacturer worldwide, more than 70 million home, auto and portable entertainment products now include DTS trademarks or technology.

In 2000 the company began selling DTS hardware and software encoders to content providers, allowing them to produce DTS audio content directly. Recording artists, producers and engineers have also embraced DTS’s multi-channel sound technology as a medium to explore a world of new sonic possibilities.

In 1997, DTS launched DTS Entertainment (DTS-E), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTS that licenses, produces, and markets an expansive series of DVD-Audio and 5.1 Music Discs. Working closely with producers and engineers, DTS-E plays an integral role in the production and mixing process. DTS-E holds and unsurpassed reputation in the surround sound business, and has developed the world’s largest catalog of 5.1 music recordings. There are currently more than 115 DTS-E music titles available, covering a wide variety of genres – from pop/rock mega hits like Sting’s Brand New Day and Queen’s A Night At The Opera, to classical masterpieces like Tchaikovsky’s Symphony #4 and Verdi’s Aida. DTS-E now stands to become a significant revenue, profit and brand awareness driver for the company in the years ahead. Dedicated to delivering the "ultimate entertainment experience," DTS created a format that makes audio tracks more dynamic, more realistic and more closely match the original audio master than other digitally encoded soundtracks. Coupled with the multi-dimensional benefit of surround sound technology, the audio quality dramatically improves and enhances content.

Today, DTS continues to develop and expand its technology and services in its current markets and beyond, including the broadcast arena and broadband entertainment. Headquartered in Agoura Hills, California, DTS has international offices in Twyford, England, Northern Ireland, Tokyo, Japan, Spain, Mexico and China.

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